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This web site is here as a starting point for anyone seeking more information about nemaline myopathy and contacting other families whose lives are effected by it. The details provided and linked to this site are for information purposes only. All information is provided in good faith and with the understanding that I do not offer medical or professional services, of any kind. It is recommended that you should not use the information without consulting your doctor. No warranties of any kind, are expressed or implied. I do not accept liability for any loss or damage resulting from the use or misuse of any info contained on this site, nor for any errors or omissions. Basically, use this site at your own risk! Surfing this website can seriously increase your knowledge of NM. ;-)

This is NOT a medical site. It is intended for informational purposes only. Please contact your medical professional if you have questions about your specific condition.

Links on this site have been included as areas of possible interest. I cannot vouch for the accuracy or suitability of information you may find on them, or on sites linked to them. Information may concern prognoses and must be treated with sensitivity. Be VERY wary of any site that offers treatment or cures and always ask for independent, professional medical advice before you contact a site of this type. If you are not medically qualified and find an item that worries you please discuss it with your doctor.


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Plant a tree for NMSG


Purchase a tree to dedicate to anyone with NM and help us raise funds for our next convention.

Planting a tree is a great way to mark an occasion or to remember a loved one. I am offering people the opportunity to plant a tree in celebration of a family member or friend with nemaline myopathy and at the same time raise funds for the Nemaline Myopathy Support Group.
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