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Planting a tree is a great way to mark an occasion or to remember a loved one. I am offering people the opportunity to plant a tree in celebration of a family member or friend with nemaline myopathy and at the same time raise funds for the Nemaline Myopathy Support Group. The trees I grow are shown below and they will hopefully be there for many generations to come! These trees could eventually develop into a small woodland area which will survive long after we have gone. Trees are vital in keeping the air that we breath clean by soaking up the pollution in the atmosphere and locking it away as carbon in the wood that can be used later. All trees purchase will be tagged with the persons name and sponsor. The Nemaline Wood will host trees that have been planted for a variety of reasons and all are welcome.

Silver Birch, Downy Birch and Grey / Fire Birch

(Grown from seed, by David)

Known to the Ancient Celts as the 'Lady of the Woods' the Silver Birch Tree is said to have a protective influence and is symbolic of new birth, fertility and purification. It's association with fertility gave it strong connections to the celebrations of Beltane, the festival now known as May Day. Being silvery in appearance, it has lunar, and therefore feminine associations. In Tarot, Birch corresponds to the Star, and also to Venus in planetary realms. Silver Birch leaves are thought to be antiseptic and also a diuretic that are an effective remedy for Cystitis. The Silver Birch is a beautiful tree with a certain grace and it's distinctive silver bark makes it a popular gift for Christenings and Silver wedding anniversary celebrations. They can reach 5-6m (16-20ft) in height after 10 years. Excellent source of food and shelter for wildlife.
The Silver Birch, is a fast growing slender tree with hanging branches and silver white bark. Yellow-green catkins appear in spring and the delicate bright green leaves turn a soft yellow in autumn. Like many other trees, birch can be coppiced for wood (cut down) and they will regrow from the stump.

Downy Birch have a slightly darker trunk and a fast rate of growth with an ultimate height of 20m / 65.6ft and spread of 10m / 32.8ft. It can take 45-50 years to reach its ultimate height. Downy Birch are even better for insects than Silver Birch. They also like wetter soil, which may explain why they are more common in Scotland!

Siver Birch in winter   birch tree stumps   Birch
Silver Birch in winter.   After coppicing, birch tree stumps will regrow
creating attractive multi-stemmed groupings.
2012 (home grown sapling)
£5 / US$8 / $CAD8 / €6
2011 (home grown sapling)
£8 / $US13 / $CAD13 / €10

Mountain Ash or Rowan

Sorbus The Rowan tree is the Celtic 'Tree of Life'. Rowan Trees or Mountain Ash as they are also known are said to protect from negative enchantment and in ancient times crosses made from the wood from Rowan trees were often hung over the entrance to homes. It was thought that keeping a branch from the Rowan tree in the home on Good Friday would counteract any negative energies and ward off evil forces.
In Scotland, berries from Rowan trees are still used to make wine and also jam which is traditionally eaten with game bird. Rowan trees normally form multi stems and resemble shrubby trees and grows to a maximum size of 30ft (9m). The Rowan tree forms attractive white flowers, bright red berries and a delicate leaf form. In the past, the Rowan tree was often planted to protect farm cottages from witches. In fact, many Rowan trees can still be seen around farm yards! I have several Rowan trees available. They were donated in 2011.

Paper Bark Cherry

(Grown from seed, by David)

The copper coloured bark from this tree shines in the sun and peels off the trunk like paper. This rounded tree has a fast rate of growth. It can take 16-20 years to reach its ultimate height of 7m / 23ft and spread of 6m / 20ft.
Also known as; Birch Barked Cherry, Tibetan Cherry, Flowering Cherry tree, Blossom Tree, Cherry Blossom tree, Ornamental Cherry.
In 2011 and 2012, I sowed a few seeds of this tree in my little greenhouse. There are now six seedlings which may be ready to plant out in the field in 2014. These should look great dotted among the Silver and Downy Birch!

PaperBark   Paperbark
    Paper Bark Cherry
2012 (home grown) sapling £8 / US$13 / $CAD13 / €10
2011 (home grown) sapling £10 / $US15 / $CAD15 / €12

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To make the buying process quick and simple, payment must be by Paypal. A currency conversion is made, so you are told what the charge will be. You can send a payment to as a Personal Gift in British Pounds. This Paypal account is linked directly to the NMSG bank account. If you do not use Pay Pal and live in the UK, then please email me for alternative options. Your donation goes directly towards Nemaline Myopathy Support Group funds. No money goes to me, but I buy or grow the trees!

Supporting MAP Nemaline

MAP Nemaline is a UK registered charity, and was set up with the help of Muscular Dystrophy UK in order to directly fund research into nemaline myopathy.

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The Nemaline Myopathy Foundation is an organization created by adults with NM and families of those affected by Nemaline Myopathy.
The NM Foundation was inaugurated as a "not-for-profit" charity on June 21st 2001. We aim to raise awareness and assist more research into nemaline myopathy.

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