Nemaline Myopathy Support Group


Plant a tree for NMSG

Trees planted in 2012

Sitka Spruce

sitka   This conical tree has a fast growth rate and is a single stem growth form, with an ultimate height of 60m / 200ft and spread of 6m / 20ft. It can take 26-30 years to reach its ultimate height, averaging 1.5m per year.

In Spring 2012, I was able to very cheaply purchase an auction lot of Sitka Spruce saplings which were rescued (left-over) from a forestry planting. The idea for these is to allow 12-15 years growth, then cut the tree down to earn more cash from selling the logs as fire wood.
(These are much older than 3 years!)   About 50 trees waiting to be planted.

Crab Apple

Crab AppleA spring flowering tree with pale pink cup shaped flowers. Leaves turn to a wonderful colour of red and orange in autumn. The pinkish red crab apples flushed with green are delicious for preserves such as crab-apple jelly, and loved by the birds and wildlife. Fully hardy, a productive tree which will grow in sun or semi shade. Likes most soils and will tolerate clay. Height and spread in 10 years 4m x 3m.