Nemaline Myopathy Support Group


Professions of a Nemaliner

We are... Proud

David McDougall   Scotland  
Currently doing Property Development.
Worked for the Medical Research Council for 25 years. (Early retirement 2006).
Created the Nemaline Myopathy Community including:
Facebook Nemaline Myopathy Support Group, several Yahoo chat groups, other NM Facebook pages, Twitter feed and NM conventions.
Steph Colquhoun   Scotland   Care Worker. Training to become a nurse
Stephen Brunning   England  

Local Government, Housing Rent Accounts (early retirement)

Michael Wild-Smith   England   Professional Freelance Photographer
Nikki Richmond   England   Administrator / Executive Assistant in the UK National Health Service
Suzanna Carter   England   RN Adult / Specialist Practitioner Health Visitor (early retirement)
Lidia Tarradas Marti   Spain   Secretarial Civil Servant, Barcelona government department.
Anthony Vroom   Netherlands   Desktop Publisher
Jeroen Brok   Netherlands   Industrial Engineering and Management Science
Yuri Nijsen   Netherlands   Software Architect
Chiara Sala   Italy   Biologist and Healthfood shop owner Biosfera web
Tatiana Massocco   Switzerland   Website Creator and Editor
Jukka Sariola   Finland   Software Developer
Simen Skogheim   Norway   Banking and Financing IT support + 3D Modelling (hobby)
Anna Hallgren   Sweden   Social Worker with head director/supervisor responsibility
Lynda Roy (d)   Canada   Course Instructor at George Brown College
Kathleen Roy   Canada   Independent Website Design Consultant at Joli Design.
Greg Labine   Canada   Hip Hop song writer and performer
Ken Jones   Canada   President/Manager of Loyalist Housing Co-operative.
Gordon Bagshaw   Canadian living in Brazil   GB English Class and my cartoon work Frodo the Sheltie.
Tárik Puggina   Brazil   Executive Producer (movies, theatre, books, CD, DVD) and Actor
Mandy Terblans   South Africa   Property Developer
Lisa Cawthorn (d)   Australia   Currently living as a Domestic Goddess, paid in hugs.
Previously worked as: Checkout Assistant, Receptionist, Seamstress, Fun Cards Party Planner
Michael Harrison   Australia   Train Driver (early retirement)
Zarn (Zania) Ballentine   Australia   Bowen Therapist
Su Mon Kyaw-Myint   Australia   Researcher
Ed K. Myint   Australia   Public Services
Rebecca Evans   Australia   Studying psychology, voluntary disability advocate with Youth Disability Advocacy Network
Amy Evans   Australia   Drafts Person (architect) and soon to be trainee Access Consultant
Colleen Cook   Australia   Carer for two disabled sons, NM and autism
Jodie Bryant   Australia   Mail Sorter for a contractor at Australia Post
Carole Brandes (d)   USA   Bank Teller (retired)
Lisa Moretto   USA   Pharmaceuticals Sales and Marketing, Paternico's Bakery and mother of 3!
Julie Perry   USA   Sales and Marketing
Marty White   USA   Computer Programmer
Mechelle Ross   USA   Lawyer (retired)
Susan Hirsch   USA   Lawyer
Melissa Niles   USA   Business Analyst (retired), formerly a Computer Programmer
Katrina Jorgensen   USA   Human Resources Manager, and Freelance Chef Author
Carol Conway   USA   Customer Service Rep for Guide Dogs for the Blind.
Previously a TV News Assignment Editor, and a Hotel / Restaurant Manager
Aimee Gerber (d)   USA   Social Worker at New Jersey Institute for Disabilities
Mike Taylor   USA   Roadie for big bands, DJ at big rock station

Stephen Fornof

  USA   Store Manager
Christina Di Labio Hamilton   USA   Senior Agent at Tesla Roadside Assistance
Chelsie Johnson   USA   Tax Analyst for an electric company and a Certified Public Accountant


(d) = deceased