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To see mention of the NM Convention 2004 published in the Australian science magazine, ask me for a copy of the paper!

Papers Referring to Pregnancy

For women with NM, the following papers will be of use to their doctor. In 2009, researchers heard from a few mothers-to-be who said they felt stronger during pregnacy. And one documented case of a woman feeling stronger when taking progesterone while pregnant. The ENMC will be very interested to hear from any women with NM who notices an increase in strength.

  • Citation 1
    Unique Identifier 95389851
    Title: Pregnancy and delivery in congenital nemaline myopathy.
    Authors Wallgren-Pettersson C. Hiilesmaa VK. Paatero H. Institution Department of Medical Genetics, University of Helsinki, Finland.
    Source Acta Obstetricia et Gynecologica Scandinavica. 74(8):659-61, 1995 Sep.
  • Citation 2
    Unique Identifier 95069128
    Title: Anaesthetic complications in a pregnant patient with nemaline myopathy.
    Authors Stackhouse R. Chelmow D. Dattel BJ. Institution Department of Anaesthesia, San Francisco General Hospital, CA 94110.
    Source Anaesthesia & Analgesia. 79(6):1195-7, 1994 Dec.
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Papers available on the internet


New clues about the basis of muscle wasting disease - Prof. Laura Machesky


Feeding and speech difficulties in typical congenital Nemaline Myopathy


Nemaline Myopathy: A clinical study of 143 cases


Alteration of Tropomyosin Function and Folding by a Nemaline Myopathy-Causing Mutation

Spinal Anesthesia For Gastrostomy in an Infant with Nemaline Myopathy


Mutations in the skeletal muscle -actin gene in patients with actin myopathy and nemaline myopathy

Nemaline Myopathy: A Clinical Study of 143 Cases (.pdf)


A New Treatment for Congenital Nonprogressive Nemaline Myopathy (.pdf)
Dwight Kalita Ph.D. and his son have nemaline myopathy

Supporting MAP Nemaline

In 2010 Meriel (aged 21 months) was diagnosed with Nemaline myopathy, a very rare muscle condition with no treatment or cure, which changed the lives of her family overnight. Setting up a family fund like MAP Nemaline is a great way to fundraise for Muscular Dystrophy UK to keep our vital research moving forward.

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